Tuesday , October 25 2016

iOS 10.1 is now available for all


The first major update of iOS 10 is now available for everyone and it’s version 10.1. To install, you must go to configuration and software update or connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. This update, according to TechCrunch, is focused on the iPhone’s camera 7 Plus, the …

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The LG G6 not be modular


After the failure of sales that you meant to LG its model G5, is are running to return to those phones without parts interchangeable the next year. LG surprised everyone by introducing the G5 and its “Friends”. A luck of accessories mountable in the part low of the phone that …

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This is a quality 4K of the new Google phone


The filmmaker Matteo Bertoli has made news in the last hours by making gala of the new terminal of Google, Pixel video recording capabilities. It – now known – Director did not use only phone for the audiovisual piece. It counted with the aid of a tripod, a slider and …

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Available for all new version system macOS Sierra 10.12.1


Apple has the machinery to full throttle and in today they have released two updates both iOS and macOS. The system that is up to us is the Mac and therefore we inform you that you already have available the first update of the system macOS Sierra premiered recently in …

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Samsung confirms that it will launch the Galaxy Note 8


The theme of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues today kicking and is that, according to a report from the Reuters Agency, the South Korean company has users who have chosen a Galaxy S7 to replace its Note 7 and are within this replacement program from Samsung, they will have …

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Solid state, the solution to explosions batteries


In recent times we have read on all sides as devices of different companies have done combustion or exploited, putting at risk the integrity of its users. The reason of this problem lies in the technology used in the batteries of lithium. Happens that them batteries conventional, and which use …

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Instagram prepares its own version of live videos


Which began as a network social where is shared photographs with filters evolved to support videos, before resemble is to Snapchat after the arrival of Stories. Not being enough, Instagram prepares a new feature. Videos live have been a success on Facebook, so it would not be crazy to think …

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