Saturday , August 27 2016

Shoka Bell is a Bell for the most technological bike


Technology and modernization is reaching all areas. Even to one of the oldest and most popular means of transport around the world, which does not require more energy than that you make with our own legs. We are not talking about another vehicle than the bike. Today we present a …

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Twitter will add a filter to avoid offensive words


Of a time to this part Twitter not to’s add new functions others of improve that already us offers from makes a time. The last update we brought a function that us allows avoid the spam and them accounts that is dedicated to harassing to them users sending continuously messages, …

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Spotify adds a new tab called concerts in their app for desktop


In recent months, both Apple Music such as Spotify are involved fully in a battle. This battle is facing to both companies concerning them releases of albums in exclusive for treat of attract to new subscribers and where Apple is winning the battle with its service of music in streaming. …

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Dropbox urges its storage service users to change password


Storage services, since a couple of years, they have become the preferred choice for storing documents, photos, videos or any other file that needed us to always have. Thanks to mobile applications, we can access to them, and even according to edit it directly in the cloud. When them big …

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Google Wallet is updated to make income in banks


Although many thought Google Wallet service that was going to die after the launch of Android Pay, it seems that Google does not want to end up with the app. Thus, recently Google updated Google Wallet to be able to receive and send money from banks. With this new update …

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