Tuesday , August 23 2016

Google Now incorporates feature to follow topics of interest


Regarding Google Now news never cease to surprise us, this time with the addition of a feature to follow topics of interest that it reminds us of the content of Google Play kiosk offering. In accordance with Android Police, a user of the application of Google found a new card …

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So he wears a robotic HEXBUG AQUABOT jellyfish Aquarium


You’re passionate about or passionate about robotics and never you had passed by the head which options might exist in order to have a fully robotic Aquarium. Yes, an aquarium where the fish and other species were small autonomous robots that can give life to it in a very curious …

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Samsung Pay has a vulnerability that facilitates the theft of funds


Samsung Pay, payment platform, has grown important to reaching more and more territories. It is only a matter of time before it reaches Mexico and other nations of Latin America, because of alleged security that has its own system to keep protected their funds, however, a new vulnerability reveals that …

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900 million Androids would be vulnerable to failure QuadRooter


Another day, another security flaw in Android serious. Some weeks that the Android community to worry by the exploit Godless, capable of attacking the 90% of the worldwide user base, is a new threat that looks just as serious or even more, thanks to a series of vulnerabilities, called QuadRooter, …

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Casio EX-FR200, sports 360 ° camera


The reality virtual are is popular, could say that this is their year. Is by this, that them devices responsible of capture them images is are adapting to the new technologies, by what each time us find more cameras adapted to the recording and takes of images in 360 °, …

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