Wednesday , October 26 2016

Xiaomi my MIX would not be available outside of China


When yesterday saw amazed this wonderful terminal almost without edges, only imagined the moment exact in that it would have in our hands for try it, but was the footballer manager of products for India of Xiaomi which is commissioned of lower the expectations through Reddit. “It is still a …

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Tim Cook is happy to welcome all users of Note 7 to Apple


Yesterday is presented its report of sales, where announced that have sold near 45 million of iPhones in this period, something more low in comparison to the results of years earlier (near 48 million). It is expected that a considerable slice of these sales is due to that the more …

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The new Wi-Fi standard promises to double your current speed


Much we had wait since back in 2009 it began to speak of a new Wi-Fi standard that would literally for, or at least so they described, revolutionize the wireless connections of our home. This new standard, known as WiGig and identified with the name of IEEE 802. 11ad it …

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Apple not be benefit from the problem of the Galaxy Note 7


Yesterday it company with headquarters in Cupertino ad them results economic corresponding to the fourth quarter of the year and in which could see as both them income of the company as the sales of iPhone continues down, something that already had predicted both them analysts as it own company. …

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