Saturday , February 25 2017

Ads finally reach Facebook videos

While much time has passed since on Facebook they sit for the first time to seek solutions to try to increase their profits, meeting from which was planted the idea that could be interesting to begin to insert ads in your videos, finally from the famous social network announced that …

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Secure Folder reaches the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge


Little echoed an interesting feature of the Galaxy Note 7 deceased whose purpose was to add a layer of security and extra privacy to the device: Secure Folder. It was almost born dead, but now he is back. Samsung announced the availability of Secure Folder for your devices Galaxy S7 …

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Apple would prepare a 3D camera for the next iPhone


Apple seems to have serious problems with the development of the iPhone 8, but has emerged a new report that points to that you are already thinking about the next big innovation for the successor of that problematic model, where now would try to completely reinvent the main Chamber of …

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It turns out that Nokia sold quite a few phones in 2016


Nine months after that became official the return of Nokia business smartphones and smart ditpositivos, is that the company would have had a 2016 outstanding, achieving sales numbers well above expectations, in one of its strongest divisions: the sale of basic mobile phones or Feature Phones. According to he has …

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Huawei presents its new Honor VR Camera prior to MWC 2017


Few days left so to initiate the activities of Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC), and it seems that Huawei guys could not be stopped, so they came a little, organizing an event on the other side of the world to present its new 360 °, the Honor VR Camera camera. …

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LG Announces the xpower2, a battery with phone


What is the ideal length of a phone battery? A whole day? Two? A full weekend? Because that last bet LG with its new xpower2, a phone that could well be a battery with a smartphone over. LG xpower2 comes with a 4500 mAh battery that can be recharged to …

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