Sunday , July 24 2016

This is the dramatic announcement of the NES Classic Mini


The NES Classic Mini, a console that will take us back to the eighties kick, is here. Well, actually is to the get, more specifically will be the 11 of November. Meanwhile we can make reservations and rub hands with their commercial and photos to us. Retro sells more than …

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With this accessory, do not fail or a Poke Ball in Pokemon Go


The summer of 2016 will be always remembered as one fantastic summer of Pokemon Go. The game is reaching all heights of popularity and quirky that we could imagine. Once again it has launched money printer called Pokemon, as well as the vast jungle of accessories to your around.¬†With this …

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Now available for iOS 9.2-9.3.3 jabilbreak


A few hours ago we have informed of the possible launch of the so long awaited jailbreak for devices with the version of iOS between 9.2 and 9.3.3 last version launched by Apple this week. To the end not have had that wait days but only a few hours. Pangu …

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An iPhone out of date can be hacked through of an iMessage


We are very used to seeing as all sorts of cyberdelincuentes exploring all kinds of nooks and crannies and possible security flaws in the software for the most popular devices on the market. As it was not going to be otherwise, and while their market share is lower, hackers not …

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United States will return to the Moon, next to Russia


Lately just to give a tour of cyberspace to be aware of the enormous amount of websites that speak and even try to convince readers that United States has never reached the Moon , and the truth, news like this do not help. Personally written above is the first thing …

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This could be the next Nokia with Android


It seems that Nokia urged him back to the segment in which were once leaders, moreover, starting from the third quarter of 2016 the company can market mobile phones with its brand, according to the agreement they made when Microsoft bought them its cell phone division. It is so thanks …

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Huawei accused Samsung of plagiarism of your patents


Hours that Samsung revealed its best financial results in the past two years, is the news that Huawei is accusing them of plagiarism, already started the legal process to apply for a multi-million-dollar compensation, by using technology patented by the company, but used without authorisation in the newest models Galaxy …

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Researchers warn hack smartphones with YouTube videos


The integration of digital assistants like Siri, Cortana or the new Google Assistant, have come to facilitate the life of many mobile users in their search for a dynamic, agile and friendly in the management of their devices, however, is that they now also represent a latent threat to the …

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