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10 iOS is located in 76% of supported devices

The main difference between platforms Queens available on the market of mobile telephony, iOS and Android, they have very different adoption rates. While iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system is located in 76% of the supported devices, the latest version of Android 7.x Nougat, which reached the market in its final version before the release of iOS 10, hardly exceeded 5% of adoption. Have the most guilt manufacturers who take theirs in its layers of customization to adapt to the latest versions of Android. But it is not the only one.

Apple designs its operating system to a few specific components and with which iOS works perfectly, while Android is designed to make it compatible with a large number of screens, processors, graphics… and all this has to go in the hands of the manufacturers of components that have to launch the corresponding drivers for Android is compatible and can run smoothly. The guys at Cupertino have just update the figures of adoption of iOS 10, in which we can see as 3 of every 4 compatible devices and have adopted this latest version of iOS.

Apple has managed to become Figure 4 months after its launch, but it is not the only operating system from Apple that is still present on the mobile devices of the company. Without going any further, iOS 9 is still available 18% supported devices, while the previous version 8 iOS, is still available in 6% of devices. Recall of iOS 10 has left a large number of devices out this update, such as the iPhone 4s, iPod 5th Gen touch, iPad 2, 3 and 4 together with the iPad Mini.

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