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100 million calls a day are performed by WhatsApp

Little more than one year that are free to the public in general function to make voice calls through WhatsApp, the reality is that this aggregate can be considered a resounding success, at least shared by the application figures suggest it these days.

According to a publication on the official company blog, currently more than 100 million daily voice calls via WhatsApp, are resulting in close to 1,100 calls per second, made from various parts of the planet, in the different mobile platforms where the app has existing presence.

With more than 1 billion active worldwide users, shared by the people of WhatsApp News looks plausible, but an interesting point is that with these numbers because they would have passed to other alternatives that already they have longer circulating in the market, such as Skype, which barely reaches 300 million current users.

The obvious advantage that has led to WhatsApp to achieve this impressive brand is located in two factors:

  • The portability of the platform that, unlike Skype, since its very inception has functioned as a system for mobile devices, using telephone numbers as a means of identification, which makes that the process should be complemented with greater ease.
  • Economically resulting to make these VoIP calls without submitting to the high costs of international rates of conventional telephony.

Even so, the audio quality and stability of calls made by WhatsApp are far from being perfect, and the company has promised to improve this in the near future.

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