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1507 10 Windows version will no longer receive updates

Windows 10

While Windows 10 has relatively little in the market, we have to go back to July 2015, date in which it launched this first version, today we learned that, after many updates, since Microsoft have decided that the time has come without official support and go with all these versions of the operating system that have not been updated.

The first version of Windows 10 no longer have validity will be the number 1507 and date from which will stop receiving official support by the American company is the day 26 March 2017. As detail, let know you that we are talking about a distribution that was released at the end of July 2015, and while it may seem at this stage very old, the truth is that there are many computers that work with this version, especially those present in professional environments.

Windows 10 1507 version will no longer receive support from 26 March 2017.

No doubt a move by Microsoft that does nothing but prove they will try by all means, to give some privileges to users to postpone 10 Windows updates, that all computers with this operating system are updated, only way to get that their operating system is listed as one of the safest of the moment.

If today as user still use the 1507 version of this well-known operating system, as it has been reported from Microsoft, it is best that you upgrade your computer and install a newer version. In terms of possible recommendations, by the developers of Windows 10 refers to 1607 version as an alternative even if true, especially if you want a more polished in time and update largely proven by thousands of users, also can bet on the 1511 that, until further notice, will still enjoy support.

Arrived at this point so only comment you, if not know as discover what version of the system operating have installed in your computer, that a solution is open the window of the CMD. Once there type winver and press the Enter key, this will open a new window with detailed information of your computer and, of course, the version of the operating system. If you decide not to upgrade, you don’t have to worry about anything since your computer will remain fully functional even if, in the event that Windows, in that version, may have a bug or security issue, you will not find any solution.

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