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18% of the Chilean mobile market has access to LTE

According to the latest study of 5 G Americas during 2016, the Chilean mobile market exceeded the 5 million subscriptions paragraph LTE.

A total of 28.8 million in the country subscriptions, those connected to the LTE network represent 18%.

According to their projections, 2021 there will be, by what bass, lines LTE extra 9.2 million, an increase of 184% compared to 2016.

They also dare to project lines of mobile broadband using LTE networks must exceed the 14.2 million in 2021 and their market share will be at least 49%.

In Chile, the total number of mobile connections will grow soon to 2021. Then, is projected that there will be 29.2 million mobile subscriptions in the country and that in 2016 were 27.8 million. Thus, 2021 is expected there is a 5% of connections added in the country.

Emphasises that Chile is of the few countries in the region with LTE-Advanced already marketed among the people, putting the country in the vanguard of technology in areas of connectivity with respect to their peers.

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