Cheap iPhone likely to be released soon

Posted by Jun Harefa on January 26, 2013 1
cheap iphone
Portal Ponsel - Rumors about the cheap iPhone is still confusing. Apple still has not commented on the possibility of these phones, but, whether intentional or not, has several times gave little hint.

Analysts IT world, supported with secret information from people inside Apple, revealed the possibility of the presence of the cheap iPhone in 2013. The low-end iPhone is intended to boost iPhone sales in developing countries.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, also has a little more comment on rumors. Although he uses language that implied and open to many interpretations.

A few moments after Apple finished announcing their financial statements, Friday (01/25/2013), the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, finally agreed to answer some questions from the media.

Rumors about the cheap iPhone

One of the questions posed by the media is another variation of the iPhone that is currently available.

"The most important thing for Apple is to make the best product in the world that can enrich the lives of consumers. That's the highest bid from us. That means, we are not interested in doing something purely for the sake of earned income," said Cook.

"We could have put in a lot of Apple-branded products and sell more products, but that's not our goal. We only want to sell products," added Cook.

Excerpts from the interview, Cook looks slightly preclude the presence of cheap iPhone. The company is headquartered in Cupertino just want to produce products that are considered best for their customers and not too chase market share.

However, subsequent comments from Cook slightly refute previous comments.

"I think we have a good record with the iPod products with have many kinds of different products at different price levels, and it makes sense to do so," said Cook.

iPod does have many variants in the market. Apple iPod proved able to sell at various price levels.

The statement could have been interpreted as a possible Apple sells the cheap iPhone in a variety of price levels as well. Anyway, they successfully do it with the iPod.

However, Cook asserts, the main thing to focus on Apple is producing the best products. A creed that has brought Apple since it was founded by Steve Jobs.
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  1. I think that the release of cheape iphone will depend on the success of sales. Right now the Apple shares drop in price, and if the tendency will continue, I think the company will consider the release of a model aimed at wider price audience.


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