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27 October Apple will announce the economic results of Q4


The Cupertino-based company reached its tipping point last year that broke all records of the company in terms of sales of devices. Since then numbers of the company has gone down adapting to the needs of the market and partly also because of the saturation current of the telephony market, where in spite of that Apple only focuses on the high end, ever reach the market new terminals with very good performance at very reasonable prices. In addition the main Apple, China market, is beginning to give signs of exhaustion and is no longer the motor that has led the company to the top.

October 27, Apple will announce the financial results for last fiscal quarter of the company, corresponding to the months of July to September, and which serve to close the year of the company. In this Conference Apple us will present the first figures of sales of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, in which according to some operators was having much more success that the model above. It should be noted that in the first wave of release, the number of countries is much higher than the previous year, where the release is limited to a dozen of them.

But the analysts already are publishing their expectations of sales and in which can see that despite be available in many more countries, the demand of the iPhone 7 not will be or by look the same that had the iPhone 6s. The main reason is that the design is virtually the same and the novelties presented by the company do not imply a necessary change for users who last year renewed his device for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

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