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32 million users of Twitter could be in jeopardy


A few days ago we woke up puzzled to read the social networks of the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. Then we met that social networks had been hacked with what this means. Now the problems of this kind continue and it is that up to 32 million Twitter accounts could be in jeopardy.

As we have read in ZDNet, a Russian hacker could have possession of passwords of up to 32 million users of the network of 140 characters. The price of these data is also very delicious and they are on sale for 10 bitcoins or what is the same thing 5,000 euros.

Most of them seem to Russian users, appearing in plain text and that would have been obtained through several malware attacks that have been carried out on users. What seems clear is that in any case this theft of passwords has occurred by a breach of security of Twitter, which is certainly something important.

In time must wait to see if they are taken by different levels of security measures, but what is more important is that If you’re a Twitter user change already same your password to get safe and avoid potential problems.

In addition, please think of another password that is “123456” or “123456789”, which are the most repeated among the 32 million which have been stolen by the popular Russian hacker.

You have already changed your password on the Twitter social network or are still exposed to danger?.

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