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360 ° videos come to Twitter to see content of the NBA

Thanks to a partnership with the NBA and Samsung, Twitter will show videos in 360 degrees for the first time. The function will begin with the first game of the NBA Finals: the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.

Now Twitter will allow users to drag the videos from one side to another to display an overview of parties without having to exit the application. The content has clearly been recorded with a camera Samsung Gear 360.


The videos will be released through the official account of the NBA on Twitter and will have “exclusive content”. Most likely not showing much of the same game, but yes scenes of the moments before and after, as the celebrations of the winning team.

360-degree content is being more and more popular among the users, so it’s about time that Twitter will be added to this trend. However, still does not have full support for these videos as opposed to Facebook for example, but at least is progress.

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