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7.1.2 Android would be beginning to reach the Google Nexus 6 p


We continue with updates and new versions for different Google smartphones continue to arrive via OTA. In this case turn to the Google Nexus 6 p which seems would be starting to receive through OTA the latest available version of the operating system Android. Initially while rumors of Android or are coming to the net on all sides continue to see this kind of updates are welcome but as we always say, going late. In spite of everything is good news to secure good users will appreciate having this device from Google.

We have the release of the latest version of Nougat to date and the latest models of Nexus is cannot be apart from it, so if you have this model soon you should receive an OTA incremental 25 Megs to update your device. Update total has somewhat more than 1 GB, namely 1, 3GB, therefore we recommend to be in a place with WiFi to update. The expansion of this new version in the devices manufactured under the Chinese firm Huawei for Google will be progressive, so it is possible that a little later to appear on your device but do not despair.  This Nexus model was released with Android Lollipop, was upgraded to 6.0 Marshmallow and then to Nougat.

Frankly is good news have the option of upgrading our device with the latest available but it is not so good that these new versions arrive near the end of his own life. This is something that we have been always commenting but it seems that Android will remain so for many years.

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