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7 iPhone will have an internal storage of 32 GB or greater


Slowly and with the passing of the days continue getting to know new rumors about iPhone 7 that Apple could introduce formally next month of September, as have usually done. Last appeared in the net rumor speaks of the much-desired possibility that Cupertino finally discarded the option of the 16 GB of internal storage, and to make the leap to 32 GB, storage much broader and more appropriate to the time in which we live.

The information has been given by Kevin Wang, director of IHS Technology market studies. Need confirmation from Apple but everything done to indicate that we will see 7 iPhone with 32 GB as a minimum storage, and with different options among which could be 64, 128, or even 256 GB.

This decision of the company which runs Tim Cook seems completely logical and that the 16 GB of internal storage are not enough for almost any user. In addition the appearance on the scene of the Live Photos and the ability to record videos in 4K resolution left insufficient the minimum storage space of the iPhone.

Now just need you to confirm the news, something that probably won’t happen until the official presentation of the new devices from Apple, something that as I already had before will happen throughout the month of September, at a time without concrete date.

Do you think you hit Apple to offer as internal storage 32 GB in the next iPhone 7?.

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