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7 iPhone won’t have 16 GB according to the WSJ base model

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This is one of those recurring news from the iPad Pro models presented by the bite Apple company have how model base of 32 GB of space. It should be noted that part of this space on the iPhone there is no option to store data on microSD cards or similar, so in addition to the cloud storage do not have more places where to store documents, photos and more.

On the other hand it should be noted that iPhone is devices that offers more space for the user despite having only 16 GB, but with the option of recording 4 k of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and increasingly heavy Mac App Store applications, having 16 GB becomes a problem.

Now the average Wall Street Journal launches a good article about the option of purchasing or not a new iPhone now and that furthermore reported that the new model of iPhone 7 will see last summer would add definitely 32 GB of space in its base version, something that many of us already expected for the current iPhone model , 6s and 6s Plus iPhone. In any case the other models who follow him who would finally be 32 GB, it is unknown if they will rise just as the iPad Pro or will stay with 64 and 128 GB.


There are many users who may think that with this minimum memory may be an iPhone without problems in principle and but not the contrary can bring this, with the passage of time, the next option of higher capacity is always present in the mind to prevent low memory problems.

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