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7 of every 10 Mexicans complain about the quality of its mobile internet

The telecommunications sector is growing within Mexico. However, even with Telcel and AT & T keeping to the head in the deployment of its 4 G LTE coverage there are series deficiencies in the stability of its mobile internet services.

At least, that suggests the latest report of the am user program, developed by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), which warns that 69.3% of the complaints submitted by users to the portal, correspond to signs on the poor service of mobile internet and mobile telephony between operators.

On the other hand, fixed telephony and PAY-TV services accounted for the remaining 30%. Thus guarantees it a report from the firm The Social Intelligence Unit (SIU), who place such as the months of May and June of this year, where it accumulated a total of 1,439 negative reports.

In recent months the main operators in the country have been engaged in a war of supply and demand, presenting prepaid and postpaid plans quite attractive, focused on the use of smartphones.

However, apparently, they neglected the quality of its service, which does not have happy users, even if it is cheaper than ever before.

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