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90 euros of gift for those who returned their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Spain


The South Korean company continues today by compensation for what happened with the Galaxy Note 7 terminals and this time is giving away customers who returned in Spain your phablet a cheque gift of 90 euros for the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S 7Edge. That which in principle is good news for all, becomes a little complicated when we see in detail what actually is offering us the firm.

We can really not detracting or desmerecemos the Act of the company in any way since it’s giving a cheque of money for the purchase of a new device by way of compensation, but they could have a little more extended this promotion to other devices and explain the why.

Many customers who returned their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is welcomed to the full money refund or replacement by a new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, so these 90 euros now offered by Samsung are a little outdated after everything that happened. In addition and thinking about this promotion, users who once relied on mark and stayed with a S7 Galaxy or S7 Edge they might have wanted to buy the new watch, camera Gear 360 or some VR Gear with this vale of 90 euros and can not, since this is worth only serves for the purchase of the new S7 or S7 Edge of the mark.

For this reason we say that it is an initiative really good and bad at the same time. We hope that this is only a breakthrough for all those who already resigned to waiting for the purchase of the new model will be in the MWC during the month of February, the new Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge and they gain some benefit by waiting… or maybe that not…

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