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A 6 Plus iPhone exploded in the middle of the night

According to a report from NBC, a woman from the State of Florida in United States suffered the explosion of your iPhone 6 Plus in the middle of the night.

Recently, the team had two and a half years old. The owner declares that:

My face was so close to the phone when they began to leave the flames that woke me up immediately. Luckily I have the light sleep, literally shooting flames along the side of the phone.

Adding that If it had not reacted as quickly as it did, probably had ablaze her curtains. It also describes it as if it had been a “firework”.

Apple contacted the affected offering you a replacement unit. Meanwhile, NBC contacted the Cupertino, who, in his official response, said:

Thank you for informing us of the case. We are going to investigate it.

Without a doubt, a rather terse response from the bite block.

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