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A Burger King gift becomes a retro Game Boy

Game Boy retro

While the new generation of consoles is coming, as well as new games through tablets and smartphones, the truth is that the old video game consoles are selling and creating more excitement than that to come. Thus the retro Game Boy is one of the consoles more you are creating thanks to copyleft Hardware.

This game console is reviving thanks to plates such as Raspberry Pi Zero and old shells that you can find on Ebay. But now there is another new way to get this Game retro boy. Apparently a modder has achieved a recreation of the old Game Boy, which long ago gave the Burger King fast-food company and made it work as well as the original Game Boy.

A modder used a toy from Burger King to create a retro Game Boy

This retro Game Boy has been built thanks to a plate of Raspoberry Pi Zero, a few inches Adafruit plate and a battery. Moreover, the process has been fast and easy: the housing is emptied and the Pi Zero with the screen and the battery is inserted.

This toy was handed out in 2000 by Burger King, a toy that recreated The old Game Boy Color which at the time was not as old and which alluded to the mythical game of Pokemon red and Pokemon blue. However, this toy measures were not real, i.e., that the new game built retro boy does not have the same size as a normal Game Boy, but it has reduced dimensions that has made that many prefer to create a same version. Unfortunately is not a very popular toy and that makes many users, especially those who are not from the United States, have to return to Ebay, even so, the success of this retro Game Boy is indisputable.

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