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A drone falls above a woman at an event in Canada


Many times let us lead by offering us drones and do not take into account that these gadgets can fail at any time for any reason. Apparently we have devices really safe in the majority of cases and the regulations of each country make these accidents how that we see in today’s video non-frequent.

But both human error as the device itself exists, and this is exactly what has happened with a Phantom 3 DJI that fell sharply and hit directly on the head a woman. It must be borne in mind that the Phantom operator explained to authorities that cannot understand what has happened, but in any case the trauma caused by the drone of 1,22 kg of weight and dropping to a considerable height is important.

This is the video which sees falling the Phantom drone. Lower right of the picture you can see in the part:

Click here to see the video

The causes of what happened are not clear and an important detail is that the company contracted for the recording is precisely that contributed the images we’re seeing (recorded from another drone of the same group) to clarify or help clarify what happened.

The plans of the victim was on vacation and after the accident it has been forced to cancel them. Why the woman who fortunately did not suffer more than the points of suture and the tremendous blow, has sued the company of the drone so they compensate it for this reason while authorities are still investigating what happened.

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