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A exploit zero-day of Firefox is vulnerable to those users of Tor


Even though some developers insist, there is no way of being able to develop perfect software, but of course always they try to offer maximum security to the user. Tor website has just announced that it has been unveiled a new exploit for Firefox, an exploit that affects users of Tor Browser, browser based on Firefox, browser used by the Deep Web. The vulnerability of the type zero-day compromise the anonymity of the users who use it, allowing you to find out the IP from which you are connecting.

Surprisingly, the Mozilla Foundation has acknowledged this bug and already has been hands to work to solve this problem, and solved once we will have to wait for the new version of Tor to be able continue with peace of mind. Apparently this code takes advantage of a memory corruption vulnerability to execute malicious code on Windows-based computers. This exploit to work properly should JavaScript is enabled on the computer that you want to attack.

According to the guys at Ars Technica this exploit is effective in 100% of cases to execute code remotely on Windows computers. In addition, it seems that the creators of this exploit have designed it so that it is compatible with most of the latest versions of Firefox available in the market. This exploit is very similar to the one used by the FBI in the year 2013 to discover the identity of users accessing child pornography websites located in the deep web.

He problem of reveal this type of vulnerabilities zero-day before offer a solution is that while is is a solution any friend of it alien can take advantage of the to follow putting in check the security of them users.

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