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A new rendering of the S8 Galaxy confirming the previous filters

Almost since the first year we are talking about Samsung. Not only the S8 Galaxy, which has been an important of all the articles that we have written about the Korean company, but also with the serious to, which he presented on 2 January and that are about to hit the Spanish market. From little more than one week ago, I have been showing various renderings, filtered, manufacturers of covers… in which we see as the stunning Galaxy S8, a terminal that if all the renderings and leaked so far images are confirmed it will be us will display an impressive front with a ratio of greater than 90% screen.

As it is logical, and when still missing a few months to occur officially Galaxy S8, the Korean firm has not confirmed or denied that these images belong to the Galaxy S8, but everything indicates that it will have a very similar appearance, if it is not almost the same, since we can see how the majority of rumours have resulted in the terminal , although in theory this would not have much to do, since the imagination of designers, often is carried and result can not be expected.

If you look at the back of the terminal, we can see as the fingerprint sensor is located on the right side of the camera, so it will not be integrated into the inside of the screen as had been rumored. The best location would have been below the screen, so that both from the left as from the right you were at the same distance, so regardless of whether we are right or left-handed, the unlock device not forcing us to stain the lens of the camera. Currently placing footprints under the screen sensor is possible thanks to the technology of Synaptics, technology that probably comes with the launch of the 8th Note, a device that according to ensure from the company based in Korea already are in the design phase.

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