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A Nexus of HTC specifications leaked


Google may give a boost to the Taiwanese HTC now that really is not at its best. And it is leaking warns the company that a few days ago saw the departure of Peter Chou, founder and CEO of the company for many years, he would return to work closely with Google to launch the next Nexus model.

It is true that already some time this possibility is is rumored, in fact is already speaks even for the size of the new HTC Nexus and that could be two terminals which eventually manufacture company. We hope that this is an important option and good enough to make HTC again lift head into this market so cornered terminals.

What is clear is that working at the Nexus, is one or two models of the same, would bring you a breath of fresh air to HTC we believe it deserves. It remains to be seen what comes out of the joint work between the two companies and we have no doubt that it will be good, but that the previous Nexus have been a few interesting terminals in terms of specifications and price.

In this case 5 X that is 5.2 inches refers to a HTC Nexus with 5-inch screen, which is somewhat smaller than the current Nexus. On the other hand would add a four core processor 2. 0 GHz, 32 GB of internal storage, 4 Gb of RAM, a rear camera in front of 8 MP as well as the current version and 2 battery and 12 MP, 770mAh.

The rest of details reader of fingerprints or the USB port-C how are part of other leaks that we have on the table. As most important to the user, the price, he is not known or is not evidence of anything. On the other hand the design of the device is HTC, so we are not going to venture to say nothing but insurance that will be spectacular.

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