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A portable 24 inch for your smartphone or laptop screen


Many of us are accustomed to, and much, to work with two monitors, I the first. And it is that the ease of working with dual screen (when you know well how to do it), makes you considerably more product. This is something that all leaders should know. However, today we want to introduce a kind of solution to the problem of work in dual screen when we are away from home, This 24-inch notebook screen known as SPUD is going to take more than one trouble, I am considering seriously making me with her, but then I saw the price and I passed, or not…

SPUD (Spontaneus Pop Up Display) is the portable 24 inch screen that I have seen this morning in Microserfs and I have had the enormous need to share with you. As many of these things, it is still a project. Seeking funding on Kickstarter, so it would not surprise us that arose some Chinese clone much cheaper in the coming days, and thus they operate in China, Kickstarter is its major supplier of ideas. In short, screen has exceeded the requested funding, as it could not be otherwise, and would be ready next summer for only 340 euros.

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The screen, in addition to being flexible, obtained the image from a projector that is in its interior, no LCD or AMOLED panel, something like old televisions. On the other hand, has a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (HD) in a ratio of 16:9. To give you image, can connect it through HDMI or of form Wireless, although the mode that choose, as well as the brightness, will make fall your battery, that oscillates between them four and ten hours. However, also it can be directly connected by plug to the wall, so the autonomy should not be a problem too serious to not use it.

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