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A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was ignited minutes before take off a plane


It’s the umpteenth incident caused by a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and this time has done at the right time as arson a few minutes later it would have been much worse. In this case is is of the company Air Southwest Airlines and a flight that was punto’s take off from the airport of Louisville, in Kentucky. By it seen the aircraft with 75 passengers in its interior is has started to fill of smoke and one of them said that is was of your new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 newly renovated by the company South Korean.

It best of all is that the aircraft was in land and to the end all is has been in a scare from all them passengers and crew, that is has resolved with the evacuation of the passage without more incidents and without damage personal of any type. This news is sum to the recent news that make reference to them terminals Galaxy Note 7 and their problems of heating to the have a crossing in the anode and cathode of the batteries. The signature is rushed to change all them devices sold and them sent by some models new supposedly without the problem, but seems that this device was replaced how well indicates its owner.

The media is are making eco of the news are several but you leave with this that is more recent of UsaTodaya in which is explains the news. Apparently the cabin filled with smoke and all the passengers and crew members left the aircraft by his own foot. By the time is still investigating the event from the authorities and already can tell that this device not has a good future of confirm is that them models replaced also have problems…

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