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A screenshot confirming the imminent launch of the iPad Pro 10.5 inch


For a time have been listening to a lot of rumors that speak of that Apple might launch a new iPad, with a format that is very different to that seen so far. And in Cupertino seems to have ready for launch to the market a new tablet with a screen of 10.5 inch it would have been almost imperceptible edges and that for the first time in a company of the bite Apple device would not have Home button.

Many speak of the new iPad, along with some other new features, could be submitted officially this month of March, although Apple at the moment has not sent invitations for any event. That Yes, although at the moment there is a fixed event, all rumors suggest that we will have at least one new iPad in a few days.

In the capture that we show you below, you can see how a well-known brand of accessories has started to notify its associated distributors of the arrival of the new iPad Pro 10.5 inches, although not confirmed the official date. Anyone need any more evidence to be convinced of that I will soon see a new iPad in the market?.


If this were also have been revealed data about these new cases for the iPad Pro with screen of 10.5 inches, as well as its price;


The arrival on the market of the iPad Pro with 10.5 screen inch seems more than confirmed, and now we need to put a date on the launch event of the new Apple device, that for the time being remain silent and he has not revealed any details about which will be your new iPad.

When do we know officially to the new iPad Pro?.

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