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A team of scientists from Barcelona gets to stop cancer


If yesterday we were talking about a group of German scientists who had found a way, through an injectable, do that our immune system would be able to act against certain cancer cells, today we learned that from the Centre for Genomic regulation in Barcelona, the team of scientists led by Miguel Beato, has found, as published in the journal Science , the way to stop their advance.

To understand a little better what is what has gotten this team of scientists and researchers, must know that cells causing cancer multiply quickly thanks to, among other things, the interruption in shortening nature of Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes that are responsible to determine how many times a cell can divide. Due mainly to this we find that fight cancer is not easy already to each tumor has its own characteristics and, call it somehow, rules.

With this in mind, let know you that what got this group of scientists basically is nothing less than to identify the route that allows the synthesis of ARP in the nucleus of cells. As I have been able to understand, this is basic since it is the molecule that provides energy to the cells themselves and when a cell is damaged, for example due to some kind e treatment, begins to produce large amounts of energy to get rearranging genes and survive.

With this in mind, it is easier to understand that, if conseguirmos interrupt this way to get energy literally could do that the cell unable to survive and thus stop the spread of cancer. According to statements made by own blessed:

This route is already used as a target in the therapy against cancer, but there are many side effects. We are looking for a way to selectively inhibit other parts of this route. Our results place NUDIX5 as a key player in the synthesis of ARP in the nucleus. Our finding could help improve therapies directed against cancer.

By the time this group of scientists are striving to try to discover possible applications to its discovery by trying to figure out, among other things, if this up can intervene or not in another series of biological processes com infections may be or what could be more important, in the natural processes of cell differentiation.

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