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A young Ukrainian changes the name for the iPhone 7 to receive a very special gift


With the passage of time the Apple iPhone have become one of the most desired by most of the world mobile devices. This has made that the iPhone 7 is is turning slowly in one of them smartphones more sold of the history and no doubt any one of them more popular.

Perhaps by this is something more simple of understand the follies that are willing to commit many users by enjoy of one of the new iPhone 7. However we never thought that we would come to see how a person could get to change the name to the iPhone 7 to receive a terminal of Apple in Exchange for free.

Olexander Turin, a Ukrainian of 20 years has decided change their name of form official by the of iPhone 7 for out winner of the contest that offered to change one of them new iPhone 7, valued in as minimum 769 euros that is has saved this young.

Change is the name you has come out more cheap and is that by so only two euros has could carry to out the management. That Yes, for his sister “has been hard to accept and hard to believe it’s true..”.

Would you change your name for the iPhone 7 to change one of the new terminal of Apple?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for them reviews of this entry or through any of the networks social in which are present.

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