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According to Samsung, the flexible screens will not come until 2019

It is true that years ago we have been watching news about this type of flexible screens in mobile devices and if there is a firm that is betting on strong by this type of screens is definitely Samsung. The South Korean has today a large team of researchers in this type of screens and in fact part of the work you can see on their current devices, from models Galaxy S6 Edge until the current S8 Galaxy and Galaxy S8 +. It is true that the progress of this type of panels was at a good time, but today one of the engineers of Samsung Display, Kim Tae-woong said that technology is both green despite the work and until 2019 will not have something with face and eyes in this sense.

At first it seemed that at end of this year or beginning of 2018 we could start to see this type of screens installed, but nothing is further from reality. Sure are prototypes from the end of this year and will no longer work in this, but they would not arrive officially until 2019 and the Galaxy X range models, who came to be this type of smarphone with flexible display, they will have to wait until everything is seated a little more.

On the other hand in news Gadget we have also spoken on occasion on this type of screen but under the LG signature, they were also investigating this type of screens, but the more media seems to be putting on the table is Samsung and if you don’t use these screens to its own hardware, could even consider the sale to make a huge profit , that Yes, when it is well crafted. So it be patient with this type of panels for devices and wait to see if in a few years moves sufficiently to begin to see flexible screens on some devices.

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