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Acer Jade cousin will not update to Windows 10 Anniversary

The first pictures of the Acer with Windows 10 Mobile terminal came to market for more than one year and a half. Since then the company has had several problems with the device. The first found him with the delay of the launch of Windows Mobile 10 for compatible terminals, which delayed the plans of the company. Once was already on the market, you could buy through the Store Windows, by 599, a price very similar to its most direct competition in eses moment, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL Lumia, inside which we find virtually the same hardware.

But it was in the last quarter when this terminal began selling like hotcakes thanks to the successive low price that was receiving terminal. Currently it costs 249 euros, one price very interesting for a terminal that offers us some results enough good Terminal corresponding to the high end, although with more than one year on the market.

But not everything could be pink color, since the company has just announced that this terminal will not receive Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the first major update of Windows 10 than in its desktop version was launched in August. Apparently the company is having various problems of stability in the terminal, which has forced Acer to announce that it will upgrade to the latest version of Windows Mobile 10.

Having a hardware similar to the Lumia, the fairy tale of Acer’s instability sounds rather to we are not winning a penny with the terminal, to make us waste time adapting Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update version to this terminal. Logically each manufacturer is free to do what they want with their terminals, but if you want to continue in this mercdado, you should take care of them a little more.

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