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Ads finally reach Facebook videos


While much time has passed since on Facebook they sit for the first time to seek solutions to try to increase their profits, meeting from which was planted the idea that could be interesting to begin to insert ads in your videos, finally from the famous social network announced that from now on, in videos that they upload to the social network , will be commercial breaks.

As detail, let know you that it is also true, or at least for the moment, that those responsible for the platform have announced that even live broadcasts also may appear in advertising videos though, perhaps the only positive part of this, apparently, and unlike for example happens on YouTube, see an ad it will not be a condition for a video.

Facebook will add advertisements to videos on your platform.

As insurance were expecting, despite the previous annotation and as mentioned from Facebook, the platform if that impose their own conditions such as the fact that ads will begin after 20 seconds after initiating the video and from the appearance of one to another must, as a minimum, be a time of at least two minutes.

In terms of economic issues, this measure does not attempt anything else get raise a greater volume of benefits, we find that all the users who generate the content, i.e., the authors of the videos may be with 55% of the money obtained by inserting advertising while the own Facebook Gets the rest.

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