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Alcatel A5 LED, a device covered with LED lights

Alcatel still shines at the Mobile World Congress this year, and this more than anyone. It has been proposed to open mouths with a peculiar extravagance that has not left anyone indifferent. We will be honest and say that it is something that we had thought about before on occasion, covering the phone’s LED bulbs may have curious applications. As Alcatel little conservative, covering a device LED bulbs has brought in the 2017 a movement and giving an important shift in a market saturated aluminum bodies and in four basic colours. Let’s take a look at this peculiarisimo device.

This device has a front panel 5.2-inch HD (720 p) resolution. However, its basic hardware does not seem the most relevant. We started with your range processor mid/low supplied by MediaTek, a MT6753 accompanied by a pretty Fab RAM, 2 GB of RAM that allow Basic, no frills. For internal storage we will have 16 GB of memory, accompanied by a microSD card reader.

As for cameras, flash both backward and forward, and a sensor 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera, another aspect that is quite improved, basically we have a device if not lowcost, of low range.

But its most important aspect is the rear panel composed of LED bulbs, something that no doubt could significantly undermine the autonomy of the device. In short, nothing more than curiosity that can cause us to see shine this device too bright. While the lights are off, a little flashy and pretty basic black is displayed. They have not given specifics about the price, while taking into account the fact that the processor and RAM are enough justitos, we do not believe that I will be too above price.

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