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Alcatel would announce a modular phone

Rumors, gentlemen, rumors! This time come from the beautiful nation of Hungary where your website Tech2 cry knowing that Alcatel will present a Smartphone with “modular” features (in the vague sense of the word in the commercial sector) to the Moto Z.

If you ever wanted to put hands on the modular Lenovo’s proposal, but you did not have the purchasing power at the time, prepares your claws because Alcatel prepares something very, but very similar, but supposedly at a price much lower. Let us remember that the proposal of bike was chosen as the most innovative of just last year, by you, our readers.


The phone would be an range media processor MediaTek, 13 megapixel camera and a system of pins in the rear of the equipment to mount the modifications. Within it information to which is has access is speaks of a “module” JBL of sound, similar to the of the Moto Z, but with lights led that is move to the rhythm of the music and even would act with some pattern to the receive a notification.


It is probably aimed at a younger audience, but we see more details just more information leaking or failing, at its official launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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