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Alien: Covenant already has trailer, let you carry by the suspense

The year 2017 is raises with the arrival to the great screen of two movies that can mark a before and a then in sagas that have been overexploited. We are talking about Resident Evil and Alien. In this occasion we are going to focus in the alien, and not precisely in et of Steven Spielberg, but of the side more dark of them passengers not desired. Ridley Scott is back to put the mono of work for out of the quagmire to this saga, and hope that the kill definitely as is deserves. We bring you the trailer of Alien: Covenant so you can spend a little bit of fear while waiting to film.

This film will be the sequel to the criticized Prometheus (from my point of view one of the most bad of the saga, far), to solve the issue and put things in order. For lovers of the saga, this would be immediate prequel of Alien: the eighth passenger, a film also directed by Ridley Scott, one of those directors who hardly do something wrong. On this occasion the ship arrives to the remote planet that seemed “dead” but not it is. Will be shown in scene Michael Fassbender (what not ensures a cast interesting) interpreting to David, the survivor of the expedition Prometheus, for nothing less that 10 years.

The trailer will leave you open-mouthed so as he left it to us. Suspense, sounds, darkness and run. You have to run, because if not Alien will appear and you will be quite embarrassed. A exercise of survival that not will leave indifferent to any lover of the saga, because are sincere, carries the signature of Ridley Scott, darkness, flashlights and ones charismatic characters that not seem to know in absolute where is are putting.

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