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All models of iPhone should display OLED for 2019

There is fear in the pockets of the Apple user community. The latest reports say that the jump to the use of screens OLED in new generations of the iPhone could shoot the terminal price to above USD $1,000, and to top it off now come reports that suggest that Apple wants to make these screens in their new standard medium-term.

According to a report of the Korean media The Bell (via Cnet), Apple would be projecting that for the year 2019 all its iPhone models already integrated screen OLED, which in addition could make them even more expensive.

Samsung would be currently working in 160 millions of screens making OLED for new iPhone 8, but says The Bell this would represent only 40% of the displays that Apple integrates all your batch of units assembled in a year, and the bet is double that percentage for you next year, reaching 100% for 2019.

For that day likely that technology is cheaper, and prices are level. Maybe.

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