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ALPHA is crowned as the best fighter pilot


Before even to explain what is ALPHA, if I’d like that we had in mind, when we talk about a fighter pilot we do it over, so and as it is in aviation, the best of the best, words that define people able to withstand and perform incredible maneuvers, think faster than anyone else while they act at impressive speeds. Basically we talk about these people literally are the best pilots in the world.

Bearing this in mind comes to talk and try to understand what is nothing less than a software of artificial intelligence created by Nick Ernest, a young researcher at the University of Cincinnati who has managed to beat all the simulated fighting one of the best drivers in the world combat as Colonel Gene Lee, ALPHA, a very skilled pilot who It also has thousands of hours of flight and hundreds of missions behind them, which literally has provided it with a unique experience.

According to the own General Gene Lee:

ALPHA seemed to know my intentions at all times, reacting immediately to my changes and flight or my deployment of missiles. He knew how to knock down my shots. It changed between defensive and offensive maneuvers immediately when needed. It is more aggressive, reactive, dynamic and believable AI have ever seen.

avion de combate

As you can read, we talked pretty blunt words for a person who, in addition to all the experience in the real world that we have commented, he has decades of flight piloting as simulators today it’s flight instructor. At the end of the sessions of evidence against software said to be exhausted mentally and physically. By way of detail, let you know that ALPHA managed to beat the pilot human in practically all the simulated fighting that clashed.

Now well… How has ALPHA managed this feat? The real trick to get the algorithm to make decisions so fast lies in its structure since we are talking about a solution based on what we now know as genetic algorithms based on fuzzy logic. Specifically and according to its developer, ALPHA uses a genetic tree diffuse to make decisions, a technique that uses a subdivision of fuzzy logic with genetic algorithms techniques to achieve solving problems far more complex and sophisticated.

According to its creators, ALPHA for now and despite its great results has not been fully developed so there is still much room for improvement. On the use intended for this algorithm, note, at the moment, it will help improve the aviation and autopilots techniques while it will allow pilots to train in combat faced a much more developed and trained body.

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