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Already available WhatsApp video beta


An of the functionality more expected in WhatsApp were the calls of audio that already have available from makes some time. It same occurs with them video calls, and more since we learned that the team of the app of messaging more used of the world was working in this functionality.

In today when in WhatsApp from the beta channel, video calls can be already used to get in touch with friends and family through the audio and video. All an important feature that you may already have available if you have updated WhatsApp to beta from Google Play program.

This functionality allows you to make a video call from the telephone icon that is located in the conversation window. When pressed they will leave you two options, call audio and video call. This is how I get to the have updated a few minutes ago the app from Google Play Store.

Is possible that, although upgrade to the last version beta, not you exit still the option of video call, although there is a form of to force it to the delete them data of the app e start it as if it had installed by first time. That Yes, recalls perform a copy of them chats that have before perform this step to force the activation of the video call in WhatsApp.

If the receiver of the videolllamada don’t have the still-active option, enter an audio call as it would happen in a video conference only has a microphone.

A great novelty for WhatsApp in the day of today and that you gets from full to compete against Skype and others so many services that carry years “reigning” in this category. Another plus point that WhatsApp is scoring just the weeks that Google had released Duo as his attempt this type of video call service.

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