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Amazon Alexa comes to the web

Amazon Echo

Little by little the technology landscape is focusing on the conversational, voice attendees who do things for us, assistants like Siri or Alexa. The latter is evolved and popularized alarmingly Echo Amazon and at your disposal so that other users can manage it.

Well, Amazon has released its API so that everyone can interact with Alexa and Amazon Echo, intelligent speaker from Amazon. But not everyone has access to it, so Amazon has devised a system so that the people can enjoy Alexa. The system is easy. Amazon has created a web special where each user of Amazon can log in and by extension try Alexa through a microphone and the web. In this new web application, users can try the Basic Alexa features, features that will be enabled after you click a virtual button that will be created on the website of simulation.

With this simple website, Amazon offers all Alexa and can be more than one are encouraged to purchase an Echo Amazon for Alexa. And what looks like a marketing campaign (which it is), he was born as a curious of a hackathon project in which the developer Sam Machín created using the Alexa API.

Alexa may be present in our computer thanks to this web application

We do not know how much will be received Sam Machín for this but is good to know that a hackathon projects go out and have a good use, since this web application will not be a great tool for those users who still have doubts if buy or not buy Amazon Echo or any device with Alexa.

This website is currently only, i.e., there are no other wizard’s voice that has a website to test its performance, but this is not something decisive and surely many of you already have cast eye Google Home or the rumored Apple Echo isn’t it?

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