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Amazon cut the price of the iPhone 6S to 160 euros on the official price


If the rumours are not wrong, that much we fear that they are not wrong, the month of September know officially iPhone 7, which will feature few really innovative and surprising new features. This is probably the main reason why Amazon has decided to lower the price of the iPhone 6S, and thereby clean the present in its different stores stock.

The rebate is considerable and that as we see just below, the price has been reduced to 160 euros in one of the most popular versions of the terminal of Apple that we can find today in the market.

Then and without wasting more time we show the price list that offers iPhone 6S Amazon;

iPhone 16 GB gold 6s; 605 euros when the official price is 749 euros

iPhone 16 GB ros 6s; 629 euros when the official price is 629 EUR

iPhone 64 GB pink 6s; 699 euros when the official price is 859 EUR

Sales at the three terminals are certainly very interesting and they can do that we are facing an ideal time to buy an iPhone 6S. It is true that in a few weeks we will have a new iPhone on the market, but if it confirmed that it will have few novelties compared to this model, we can perhaps make an interesting business and have an iPhone 6s, which is a smartphone rather than competitive, at a price of the demolition.

Do you think of the prices offered by Amazon for 6s iPhone?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present. We encourage you to also tell us if you think that it is a good time to purchase an iPhone 6S.

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