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Amazon Dash will receive dozens of new brands coming soon

Amazon Dash

While is not a widely used gadget Amazon is still working on Amazon Dash, your shopping button. We have recently learned that Amazon will incorporate new brands to its button most famous in order to improve its services or rather, that your Amazon Dash is more interesting for its customers.

Currently Amazon Dash has over 100 brands and this will continue to increase. Amazon has indicated that during the next few days will launch dozens of new brands with Amazon Dash through what new Amazon button would exceed 200 brands and therefore, 200 models or versions. A few weeks ago we met a new version of this peculiar gadget from Amazon, a version that was directed to IoT. So Amazon let users could choose the final function of this gadget, and can alter its commercial function. This painted well, since Amazon Dash as part of project IoT was very interesting, but it seems that Amazon refuses to abandon the possibility of selling a little more.

With Amazon Dash you can buy more than 100 different products

The truth is that no one thought that when first released the first version of peculiar button, this would really work. In other words, brands and companies pay or negotiate with Amazon to create your own button and users purchase products through this. But the truth is that there are many companies that are participating in the program of Amazon Dash and it seems that they will be more and more.

In Spain fashion always arrive late and more when we talk about technology. By this I mean that it may Amazon Dash come in a popular manner when in the beginning has not been successful, but actually users buy through this button? Personally I doubt that brands receive large revenues through the Amazon button, but even so the interest for the button is there. The interesting thing would be to see if actually brands and users are betting on this gadget when change the price of the device, as it currently gives the gadget. But you utilizaríais Amazon Dash if you gift it to you?

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