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Amazon explores the idea of transforming its stores in zeppelins


Just when this morning I read the news, one of the first thing I did was look at what day was published the same and all check in the Patent Office United States which not was before a joke already, since Amazon, has just been published a patent is exploring the idea of taking part of the contents of its stores to the sky through the use of zeppelins.

The general idea, as you can see in the picture there is located just below these lines, the get to develop a new generation of zeppelins which in turn would serve as motherships for a true swarm of drones that finally would be responsible for making deliveries to customers of the company.

patente Amazon

Amazon shows an impossible patent that shows the interest of the company to begin to deliver your goods with drones.

One of the main advantages of this system is found in the way to circumvent the current legislative restrictions and is that in this way the drones do not have why leave all of a same store focus and sail all over the city at low altitude. In this way, the zeppelins would be loaded with very popular goods on certain dates or events. Once in the air and located in a specific area of the city, employees and crew members of the aircraft would load the drones with the orders and send them to their destination.

An example very clear of this idea for example it have in a concert or party of soccer. In this case in particular, one of the zeppelins from Amazon it would be about the stadium and, through the use of drones, could serve snacks and drinks to all viewers. As a curious detail, apparently and once delivered the goods, to not waste your batteries, drones would not return to the Zeppelin from which came his trip, but they lead towards one perched on land or directly to an Amazon store.

More information: TechCrunch

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