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Amazon introduces three new services of artificial intelligence for developers

Amazon Rekognition

When we talk about developments in the field of artificial intelligence, lately just talk about news related to the projects being carried out at Google or Microsoft, forgetting sometimes that Amazon experts also work in its own commitment by artificial intelligence and deep learning though, as they say, in his own way since these services have other purposes. Today we learn that now puts it at the service of the developers three new services.

On the one hand we have the baptised as Amazon Lex, a platform for the creation of interfaces talks indifferently using both voice and text. Specifically for this platform will be used the same engine that Alexa can talk with anyone and that, thanks to this service, finally it will be available for any developer who wants to incorporate it into any of their applications.

Lex, Polly and Rekognition are the names that have been baptized the three new services for developers from Amazon.

Secondly, we have Amazon Polly, a service where we find ourselves the capacity so that any application can understand natural language. In addition to this, this project has the ability to convert any text into voice in a way very quickly and accurately, imitating human speech today. Without a doubt should recognize that this type of technology has a huge potential in many fields resulting especially useful to help people with some type of problem in verbal communication.

Finally arrived at Amazon Rekognition, perhaps the most important novelty. This service is offered to developers a platform of facial recognition to identify and distinguish human faces, guess emotions… As detail, let know you that it is the same technology being used at Amazon Prime Desnuda. Without a doubt, very interesting for companies that want to establish and develop some type of authentication system based on the face.

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