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Amazon launches Fire HD 10 with aluminum chassis


Amazon has a number of inexpensive tablets, which are also fairly resistant. They promise that the Amazon Fire are up to 3 times more resistant than the iPad. Thus now also are added to the metal, and it is that they have just the Amazon Fire 10 with an aluminum chassis, in the purest style iPad. But it is not the only change coming from the hand of this new tablet, so we want to tell you what is what has launched Amazon intending to surprise us. They are doing a good job in this area of the technology market, although perhaps they do not receive as many sales as he is assumed.

This new Amazon Fire HD 10 with metallic chassis, includes also up to 64 GB of memory, a storage of chord with the times that run and the weight of the most common applications. It is certainly very nice, looks like an iPad, logical differences, and any company is beginning to think of aluminum as part of their housing, since it gives you always a touch more premium. However, we want to be more specific, since Amazon has not retired the black and white version of the Tablet, but it has reserved the aluminum for the 64 GB version.

  • Amazon Fire HD 10 – 16GB – $ 229.99
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 – 32GB – $ 259.99
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 (aluminium) – 64GB – $ 289.99

The price difference is quite succulent to the aluminum. It will have the same hardware, 10 screen, 1″ and 1280 × 800 resolution, quad – core processor at 1. 5 GHz, 5 MPX camera front in HD. Of course, includes a port for microSD cards that support storage up to 128 GB, although in the case of Amazon, it will cost the same cbuy directly the 64 GB version, to buy a 64 GB for your tablet, or the less similar card. Amazon still releasing products competent and very cheap.

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