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Amazon wants to deliver their packages up to the Moon


The success of Amazon seems to have no limits, not only in Spain but worldwide and the following achievement that wants to achieve the company which runs Jeff Bezos is to deliver packages on the Moon. It may seem like a joke, but the news has already been confirmed by Blue Origin, the aerospace company owned by the founder and CEO of Amazon.

Donald Trump, the new President of the United States wants to win the support of the Americans and to do so seems determined to return to propel the space race, which is the return to the Moon between its major objectives.

NASA will receive more money from budgets and also some private space companies such as Blue Origin or Space X want to collaborate, to among other things to deliver packages on the Moon, one of the great desires of Bezos, for which it seems there are no limits.

For the moment the only thing we have been able to know about the new project from Amazon, is contained in a leaked document in which you can see a plan to establish a service of delivery of goods at the South Pole of the Moon, where the conditions for habitability are more than good. To make this a reality, still long and above all much funding.

And is that we remember that Blue Origin is a company funded by Jeff Bezos as total, and reach the Moon is not exactly cheap, that would have been unthinkable without the help of NASA. If that step is again, perhaps someday we can see Amazon delivering packages there.

Do you think that we will see someday to Amazon on the Moon?.

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