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Amazon will win a nomination to the Oscar surprisingly

Are in the was of the streaming already? We will not deny that in Spain are always going a few steps behind this type of technology. Especially, if a movie from Netflix or Amazon finished nominated for a Goya probably the gala would be held between actors and Spanish directors of questionable draft international criticizing the service pressure oligarch’s assassination. Jokes aside, have to mention from news Gadget to an unusual success that can mark a before and an after in the way in which we see the film, Amazon becomes the first service in streaming to be nominated for an Oscar.

We can not go to elucidate the quality of the film, for that is the Academy already. However, I should stress that I am excited to write these lines. The epicentre of quality fimografica ceases to be in Hollywood. Amazon receives so a reward that undoubtedly will encourage to other companies of broadcast in streaming to create content.

As well you know, Amazon, Netflix and now Movistar are betting heavily on the creation of original content, the fruit large series such as drug traffickers, Stranger Things have emerged out of this and House of Cards on Netflix, for its part, Amazon presented us Transparent, among other examples.

On February 26 will be the Oscars gala, however, everything points to that Manchester by sea will not be the awarded as best film, but its presence there already says a lot how much has changed the world and how to see the films that we have. A step forward it is difficult to undo, and that it should put to tremble monopolists of this business in countries such as Spain, where domestic production is focused on very few people, who decide who works and how works. It’s time to congratulate Amazon on their work.

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