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Amazon works on a new Echo with 7″ touchscreen


Virtual assistance in a series of products for the home he will have much to say in the next year. If this has been where the head has been hovering, in 2017 we will see her more established with the emergence of other serious competitors bets that have been left behind not to be attentive to this given trend.

Amazon now works in a type Echo premium speaker that Alexa is the wizard’s voice. One of its greatest qualities is the incorporation of a touch screen 7 inch that will differentiate you enough echo at all levels and to seek another type of interaction with a device called a home.

Are some sources close to the matter, which have indicated that the Variant premium of Echo will have a greater change in the design different to what is currently with that shape cylindrical. The touch screen will allow to be accessible easily to forecast weather, calendar, and news.

It curious of the new Echo premium is that will be increased in size, which will allow that the user even can be of foot for access to the screen. Another point to be improved this new Echo will be their sound which will be of higher quality. By what comes to the OS, will work with a version modified of Fire YOU, the fork of Android of Amazon for them tabletes Fire.

An interesting moment that is taking the virtual assistance, since we have almost on the street to Google Home, expected to be available in more countries, and the so-called proposal of Apple with a similar device, that Siri would be the wizard with which common actions could be linked to this type of devices that focus on home users.

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