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Analysts predict a decrease in the Smartphone market

According to a report of the company consulting firm Gartner, sales of cellphones globally are diminishing and it seems in the future or even reach a figure with two digits.

It is speculated that global sales of smartphones will increase 7 percent this year, but the growth last year was a 14.4%. The Director of research at Gartner, Roberta Cozza, said that “the smartphone market will not grow more in the levels achieved in the past seven years. Sales of cell phones recorded its highest growth in 2010, reaching 73% “.”

On the other hand, in Gartner predicted that this year, smartphones will reach 1.5 billion units sold and already in 2020 will reach 1.9 billion units.

One factor to consider is that mobile operators are forcing users to purchase mobile phones at full price with annual renewals, however this because it is not giving results according to Gartner: “these programs are not for everyone, as the majority of users are happy to keep your phone for two years or longer”.

The reason for this decline in the market of cell phones is occurring because users are less willing to renew the cell. As we have seen the different techniques between the phones are few and often not worth changing the cell only to get the newest version, because they offer pretty much the same. “In the largest markets, premium smartphone users are extending life up to 2 years and half, which will not change drastically in the next five years,” said the Director.

According to the consultants, companies that can offer more than hardware will be those that will survive and must invest in services and new platforms, as some companies are doing getting into the world of virtual reality.

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