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Andrew Kim, designer of the Xbox One S tab by Tesla


Tesla continues giving that talk in all its movements and now it makes by the recent signing of one of the designers more featured of Micrososft in them last times, Andrew Kin, tab by the company of Elon Musk, Tesla. Change is not for evil or much less, Kim will become part of the design team of Tesla, but not as one of the team will be responsible of designer brand manager.

To day of today and after carry to out the project of the Xbox One S, Kim was one of them responsible of design of them HoloLens and now gives the jump to the company of fashion. In terms of the level of this designer with team Redmond, the HoloLens don’t have signs of the work or the brand that will leave them now that it is no longer, but there is no doubt that in the console if you have work done and seems to be a very good job.

It seems that Tesla is surrounding a spectacular team of engineers and designers, therefore reminds us a little what made Apple a long. Certainly have a good working team is essential for these big companies and is therefore always stay with the best.


Motives on the progress of Kim, have not transpired publicly but has received a detail of Microsoft Xbox signed by the design team -shaped console , which has hung on Instagram account. By it seen are before a March voluntary and not there is more to respect this decision. To see that will be capable of do in Tesla, but the potential shown with regard to the design us seems interesting to enter in the company of Musk.

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