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Android 6.0 reaches a market share of 10%

Android 6.1 Marshmallow

As is the case in the first days of each month Google posted the report on Android in which everyone can know different details about the search giant’s operating system. About to launch official Android N market, we know that Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the latest official available to users, is already present in one of every ten devices.

A month ago we saw as Android 6.0 began to pick up momentum in the market, reaching a market share of 7.5%. This trend is confirmed now increasing that share to 10.1%, which is undoubtedly great news for Google, and in general for all users.

Android Lollipop begins to lose users, going from the 35.6% of last month at the 35.4% this month. Descent is very light, but the growth of Android 6.0 versions with a time already in the market begin to lose protagonism. Other versions used as KitKat 4.4 Android is still losing ground, reached the 31.6%, down from the 32.5% from last month.

We then review the market share of all Android versions present on the market, which as a general rule continues losing users at the expense of superior versions;


With Android already available on the market, but not in an official way, the Android picture look that it is beginning to clear, seeing how Android 6.0 wins users, each time at a greater speed and as other versions are still losing ground, in an evolution of the most logical, but at which perhaps lacks speed.

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