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Android N will change the design of your navigation bar

Increasingly fewer days for the release of Android, but the operating system still does not have an official name, and everything seems to suggest that this is not the only change that will be implementing discount before its launch, already now a new design shown surprise in your navigation bar, that would be a hallmark of this version of the program.

According to a report by Android Police, an his informant had access to the latest beta for developers of Android N, discovering that the people of Google would have implemented, again, a change in the appearance of your bottom navigation bar interface. Modifying buttons three core in appearance, although the performance will remain the same.


Depending on what our source says the new and colorful start button are encouraged when it is held down, with four colors to expand in their addresses corresponding to exit in a row horizontally. It’s hard to visualize, but this is the case.

The informant also said that the other two buttons have now adopted a more opaque hue, which is more noticeable when you use the new interface of Android N.

The site has the wisdom of admitting that it has no way of corroborating this report beyond source passed them information, but not would be the first time that Google does something.

Only two years ago radically changed the appearance of your navigation bar, and now this new interface has the institutional colours of the company.

Something that might not like Huawei.

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