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Android N will not allow multi window in the Nexus mode


One of the problems that always operating systems have faced for both mobile as to tablets, is multitasking that allows us to open more than one window on your screen to be able to work or enjoy various applications the way joint. For obvious reasons on smartphones, it is a little absurd to implement these options, but in the tablets is the best things that have been invented.

Apple said multi-tasking real on-screen with the arrival of iOS 9 exclusively for the iPad, so that we can have open two applications as for example Facebook and Safari to be able to check our wall while visited a web page or visit our email.

Early versions of Android N offers us the possibility to be able to open more than one application on the screen of the device to be able to increase the productivity, rather than always said that it was possible with the tablets but they continue to be a device to consume content exclusively. For now in the different beta launched the company, we have seen the operation of this multiventan function, function in the system which at the moment does not work as it should, and is hidden.

But while the company intends to offer this option on Android natively, the devices of the company may not make use of it. So it is likely that users who have a Nexus and want to make use of this fantastic option will have to wait until you launch any specific ROM that allows this function and thus open multiple applications on the screen of your device to be able to interact jointly with all of them.

Selecting this option displays latest applications that we have opened. Each application shows a button with an X to close either a button to operate the floating window of the application. Unlike what happens in iOS 9 where developers has to offer support for this feature, in Android won’t need since the only thing that changes is the size of the window showing the application in question.

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