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Android Nougat 7.0 will come to the Moto G4 very soon


Are before an of those news that us like share and is obviously it of a device Android that has given many joys to the community and that now is known that soon will receive its corresponding update to the last version available of the system operating Android, if, obviously the title us reveals and is that it new version Nougat 7.0 will arrive to them Moto G4 in this fourth quarter of the year that precisely starts in just two days. Certainly when we get news on terminals that are updated to the latest versions of Android is good news, and in the case of the Moto G4, this is already recurrent news that seemed to wobble with the sale to Lenovo, but which in the end has not been so.

At least of time and is that the updates for this great device still arriving despite that transaction in which is saw involved Lenovo. Many users and media augured problems in the following generations of the terminal to receive the updates and keep the same line marked from makes time. This has not happened and now we have the news that soon allyou Moto G4 with the Moto Z user will receive the update.

A representative of Motorola in Lenovo, warns that this new update will come via OTA (Over The Air) and therefore will be attentive to see and report on the arrival of this update to devices on the other hand all users expect. The Moto G in all its versions is a clear candidate for them updates of software and in this occasion not is less, hope that this follow so during much time.

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