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Android Nougat comes to the Nexus 4 thanks to CyanogenMod 14

With the launch of Pixel Google ended leaving its Nexus line, to the annoyance of many faithful to this line. The main affected have been those with old models of this family who stayed without possibility to receive updates of new versions of the operating system. Fortunately CyanogenMod 14 have come to save them.

Users who for some reason still have a Nexus 4, will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Android Nougat 7.1, with their respective hardware limitations, thanks to the recent update of CyanogenMod 14, which integrates support for this smartphone that still has much to what give.

With this update, there are other relatively old devices that are also supported, as the G3 LG, the LG G Pad 8.3, the Sony Xperia M and even the Samsung Galaxy S5, so that you can make the jump to Android Nougat without waiting to get an unlikely update.

Something remarkable is that CyanogenMod developers team is working hard, throwing even several nightlies as they are polishing the stability of each new version.

The installation of these updates has also been enabled on the site, but as usual, his performance is not the most stable, by the very nature of his creation.

Even so, is a good alternative for who not want to dismiss is still of his Nexus 4.

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